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Host a training and take 50% off your class AND $10 off each participant!

Taryn Defense was designed to make learning easy and comfortable.  We have the equipment and instructors to come to your home, church, group setting or business.  


Fact: People are much more comfortable and tend to be much more engaged when they do training in a relaxed setting!


Let us come to you!


Training in your setting saves us money, the same money we are giving back to you when you schedule a training with 6 or more participants and provide the venue.


Here's the deal: Put together a training with 6 or more pre-paid participants (including yourself) and we will discount your class to half price!  Further, each participant gets $10 off for the normally priced $75


If you find 11 or more students and provide the venue, your training is free!


Talk to your friends, colleagues, relatives.  Decide what class you desire and fill in the form below.  It's that simple! One of our instructors will contact you and make the final arrangements.

Thanks for submitting!

All Classes taught with Otis Cleaning Supplies.  Student receive Otis materials and special online student discounts for Otis Products

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