Taryn Defense LLC., Concealed Carry Course


Concealed Carry Course

Class Textbook: Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals

Taryn Defense follows the USCCA course requirements for the basic Concealed Carry Course. This course is an extension of the Basic Firearm Course. Some firearm basics reviewed with more information added to help citizens that carry concealed make good, informed decisions when in public.  Most people in Florida do not carry due to a lack of training and their fear of doing something wrong when they carry concealed.  This course is designed to address situational awareness, how to carry concealed, how to deal with critical incidents and most importantly, what to do after that incident.


This course consists of 4-5 hours of class time and 1-3 hours of range time.  The classroom portion of the training covers:


Statistics and Trends



Developing a personal and home protection plan



  • Defining a personal protection plan

  • Why conflict avoidance is so important

  • Situational Awareness

  • The color codes of awareness

  • Areas to avoid

  • Cover, concealment and an exit strategy

  • How a permit to carry fits



Self Defense Firearm Basics



  • Universal safety rules

  • Clearing a firearm

  • Defining gun actions

  • Understanding calibers and ammunition

  • What caliber is correct for you

  • Other measurements of stopping power

  • Ammunition storage and care

  • Common Ammunition malfunctions

  • Clearing malfunctions


Defensive Shooting Fundamentals


  • Defensive shooting V marksmanship

  • Proper grip

  • Shooting platform

  • Target sighting

  • Unsighted fire

  • Flash fire

  • Trigger control


Legal use of Force


  • Defining reasonable force and deadly force

  • Detailed definitions of deadly force rules including scenarios

  • What prosecutors will want to know

  • Defending the home

  • Defending property


Violent encounters and their aftermath


  • Understanding fight or flight

  • Effects of adrenaline and endorphins

  • Recognizing a threat

  • Issuing commands and evaluating options

  • When we’re left with no other choice

  • When the right to use deadly force begins and ends

  • The immediate aftermath

  • Phone calls to make

  • When the police arrive

  • Statement to the police

  • Preserving evidence

  • Miranda rights

  • During and after your arrest

  • Advice for your attorney


Gear and Gadgets


  • Holster retention

  • Types of holsters

  • Belts

  • Tactical flashlights

  • Gun safes and storage

  • Cleaning Firearms (sponsored by Otis Cleaning Products)


Basic and Advanced skills


  • Creating a training program

  • Dry firing

  • Fundamental drill discussion

  • Discussion of what’s next


Students should bring their concealed carry firearm with 200 cartridges. Firearm loaned to students for extra $25

All Classes taught with Otis Cleaning Supplies.  Student receive Otis materials and special online student discounts for Otis Products

Range training held in Clay Hill, Florida located about 5 minutes west of Middleburg, Florida. Exact directions given during classroom training.

Private classes for businesses, churches and groups.

Email us to set up a presentation/class that works with your schedule