Basic Firearm Course offered through Taryn Defense LLC


Basic Firearm Course

Class Textbook: Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals


The Basic Firearm Course is the minimum required training to receive a USCCA certificate which allows the student to apply for the Florida or Georgia state CCL/CWL.  Although this amount of training is not required by either state, Taryn Defense follows the USCCA basic requirements for the Basic Handgun Course.  We add some of our own material that we believe each shooter should know before responsibly carrying a concealed firearm.
The Basic Handgun Course is designed to teach the very basics of what a responsible shooter should know before carrying a firearm.  Students are urged to take more advanced classes (through us or another certified trainer) and find a good gun range that allows you to practice responsibly. 
Items needed: Concealed carry firearm (if you have one)/100 cartridges for concealed carry firearm
Classroom time is 4-5 hours and range time of 1-2 hours held at a private range in Clay Hill.  The classroom portion of the course covers (at minimum):
Self Defense Firearm Basics
  • Universal safety rules
  • Clearing a semi-automatic
  • Clearing a revolver
  • Defining actions (of a firearm)
  • Understanding revolvers
  • Understanding semi-auto’s
  • Reloading
  • Firearm selection
  • Understanding Ammunition types
  • Understanding Calibers
  • Firearm/Ammunition care and storage (Sponsored by Otis Cleaning)
  • Common malfunctions
  • Clearing malfunctions
Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  • Defensive shooting v. marksmanship
  • Grip
  • Shooting Platform
  • Aligning sights to target
  • Unsighted fire
  • Flash sight picture
  • Sighted fire
  • Trigger Control (basic)
  • Exercises to help with control
Gears and Gadgets
  • Holster retention
  • Types of holsters
  • Belts
  • Tactical flashlights
  • Mounted lights
  • Laser sights v Red Dot sights
  • Gun safes and storage
Future skills
  • Creating a training program
  • Dry firing
  • Fundamental drill discussions
State specific
  • A review of state requirements for CWL’s
  • Review of places you can not carry
What to do during and after a critical incident

All Classes taught with Otis Cleaning Supplies.  Student receive Otis materials and special online student discounts for Otis Products

Range time is spend at a private range in Clay Hill, Florida which is located about 5 minutes west of Middleburg, Florida.  OR we will soon have access to an indoor range on Blanding Blvd north of 103rd for $10 more.
Class cost covers range fee if the shooter brings their own firearm and ammo.  
$25 premium gives students use of a selection of handguns and ammo during your time at the private range.  .22 to .45 calibers available

Private classes for businesses, churches and groups.

Email us to set up a presentation/class that works with your schedule