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About Taryn Defense LLC

Founded & Managed by Carol & Matthew Taylor

All trainers proudly certified by the United States Concealed Carry Association.


Named after the bundle of white terror to the left.


Taryn Defense LLC was founded in 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida due to an experience at a local gun shop.  The majority owner of TD LLC attended a local class ($29) that promised to prepare students to obtain and carry concealed firearms in the state of Florida.   She was upset by this experience when the trainer gave each student a copy of Florida law, had each student shoot two bullets through a .22, and then signed their training certificates.  No preparation in techniques, skills, actual legal training, mindset, what to do before, during and after a critical incident, etc... etc...

The experience and knowledge that many people were being certified to carry a firearm with no real training prompted the creation of Taryn Defense LLC.  We do not charge $29 or $39 for a class!  We do not get people "in and out" of training in 30 minutes or less!  Our classes follow the minimum standards as set out by the USCCA (and a little more material we think everyone should know).  


Matthew Taylor has an extensive history with firearms ranging from training with the US Army to being a local Law Enforcement Officer, DOD police officer, range master and unit armorer. His legal studies include knowledge of state laws and federal case law with a BA in Criminal Justice as well as a state and federal police academy with monthly and yearly refresher training. He has been shooting handguns, shotguns, and rifles for pleasure for the past 30+ years and competed for a short time in IDPA and IPSC sporting events. He has been teaching friends and family the fundamentals of shooting for over 20 years and now seek to help those new to firearms as well as those new to concealed carry. 

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